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The Starlight Team
Alberta Office
British Columbia Office
Quebec Chapter

The Starlight Team

Ontario Office
200 Consumers Road, Suite 809, Toronto, ON M2J 4R4
Phone: 416-642-5675, Toll Free: 1-800-880-1004
email: info@starlightcanada.org, Fax: 416-642-5667

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Brian J. H. Bringolf, Executive Director
(P) 514-288-9474 or 1-888-782-7947, Ext. 1225 (F) 514-287-0635
email: brian.bringolf@starlightcanada.org

Trevor Dicaire, VP Development
Ext. 2241, email: trevor.dicaire@starlightcanada.org

Jeannie O’Regan, VP Special Events and Operations
Ext. 2228, email: jeannie.oregan@starlightcanada.org

Palermo Coronado, Finance Coordinator
Ext. 2233, email: palermo.coronado@starlightcanada.org

Cassie Jackson, Children’s Services Coordinator
Ext. 2222, email: cassie.jackson@starlightcanada.org

Greg Johnson, Special Events & Development Officer
Ext. 2223, email: greg.johnson@starlightcanada.org

Lauren Straw, Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator
Ext.2245, email: lauren.straw@starlightcanada.org

Sophie Lyons, Communications & Social Media Coordinator
Ext.2235, email: sophie.lyons@starlightcanada.org

Alberta Office
(P) 1-800-880-1004
email: info@starlightcanada.org

British Columbia Office
Heather Burnett, Regional Coordinator, British Columbia
Starlight Children’s Foundation – BC Office
157 – 1027 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2
(P) 604-564-7837
email: info@starlightcanada.org

Great Escapes Coordinator
email: Greatescapesbc@starlightcanada.org

Quebec Chapter

1805 Transcanada Hwy, Dorval, Quebec H9P 1J1
Phone: 514-288-9474, Toll Free: 1-888-782-7947
email: starlight@starlightquebec.org, Fax: 514-287-0635

Brian J. H. Bringolf, Executive Director
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1225
email: brian.bringolf@starlightcanada.org

Ghyslain Gagné, Vice President, Children’s Services
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1224
email: ghyslain.gagne@starlightcanada.org

Linda Stroude, Chief Financial Officer
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1229
email: linda.stroude@starlightcanada.org

Cheryl Brazeau, Wish Granting Coordinator
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1231

Lucie Brodeur, Development and Special Events Manager
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1236

Steve Curran
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1233

Odette Michelin, Controller
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1228

Jessie Neiman, Special Events and Programs Assistant/Reception
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1230

Héloïse Rolland, Family Development and Children’s Services Coordinator
Ext. 1234



Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada
1805 Transcanada,
Dorval, QC H9P 1J1
(P) 1-888-782-7947
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