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The Starlight Team
Alberta Office
British Columbia Office
Quebec Chapter

The Starlight Team

Ontario Office
200 Consumers Road, Suite 809, Toronto, ON M2J 4R4
Phone: 416-642-5675, Toll Free: 1-800-880-1004
email: info@starlightcanada.org, Fax: 416-642-5667

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Brian J. H. Bringolf, Executive Director
(P) 514-288-9474 or 1-888-782-7947, Ext. 1225 (F) 514-287-0635
email: brian.bringolf@starlightcanada.org

Trevor Dicaire, VP Development
Ext. 2241, email: trevor.dicaire@starlightcanada.org

Jeannie O’Regan, VP Special Events and Operations
Ext. 2228, email: jeannie.oregan@starlightcanada.org

Palermo Coronado, Finance Coordinator
Ext. 2233

Lauren Floyd, Hospital Program Coordinator
Ext. 2224

Cassie Jackson, Children’s Services Coordinator
Ext. 2222

Hayley Press, Fund Development Coordinator
Ext. 2225

Greg Johnson, Special Events & Development Officer
Ext. 2223

Lauren Straw, Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Michele Vantrepote, Communication Manager
Ext. 2235

Krystine Ross, Special Events & Development Officer
(Maternity Leave)

Alberta Office
(P) 1-800-880-1004
email: info@starlightcanada.org

British Columbia Office
Heather Burnett, Regional Coordinator, British Columbia
Starlight Children’s Foundation – BC Office
157 – 1027 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2
(P) 604-564-7837
email: info@starlightcanada.org

Great Escapes Coordinator
email: Greatescapesbc@starlightcanada.org

Quebec Chapter

1805 Transcanada Hwy, Dorval, Quebec H9P 1J1
Phone: 514-288-9474, Toll Free: 1-888-782-7947
email: starlight@starlightquebec.org, Fax: 514-287-0635

Brian J. H. Bringolf, Executive Director
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1225
email: brian.bringolf@starlightcanada.org

Ghyslain Gagné, Vice President, Children’s Services
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1224
email: ghyslain.gagne@starlightcanada.org

Linda Stroude, Chief Financial Officer
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1229
email: linda.stroude@starlightcanada.org

Annie Béland, Children’s Services Coordinator
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1223

Cheryl Brazeau, Wish Granting Coordinator
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1231

Lucie Brodeur, Development and Special Events Manager
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1236

Steve Curran
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1233

Odette Michelin, Controller
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1228

Jessie Neiman, Special Events and Programs Assistant/Reception
(P) 514-288-9474, Ext. 1230

Héloïse Rolland, Family Development and Children’s Services Coordinator
Ext. 1234

Bianka Provencal, Children’s Services Coordinator
(Maternity Leave)



Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada
1805 Transcanada,
Dorval, QC H9P 1J1
(P) 1-888-782-7947
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