Crafts For Kids: Bead Sun Catchers

The warm weather seems to have finally arrived! In celebration, we wanted to share a colorful summer craft with all of our readers. Here’s an easy how-to for beautiful sun catchers made from craft beads and some string.



What You Will Need:

Assortment of craft beads (keep in mind: translucent beads allow for more sunlight to shine through)

Variety of baking pans and cookie cutters (these will form the shapes of your sun catchers)


A drill

Assembly Process:



1. Set oven to 450 degrees or turn your BBQ on high.

2. Fill baking pans with crafting beads. Make sure the entire base of the pan is covered with a single layer of beads. If you are creating shapes with cookie cutters, place the cookie cutter on a baking sheet and fill the middle with beads.

3. Bake the bead filled pans, checking every few minutes until beads are melted.

4. Once melted, carefully remove from the heat source and let cool.  Then, simply pop the sun catcher out of the pan.

5. Finally, carefully drill holes in the top of your shape so you can thread string through the hole.

That’s all there is to it! Hang your new creation outside in the garden or inside by a sunny window and enjoy!


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