Crafts For Kids: How Brighten A Rainy Day

We know how hard it can be to get through those rainy summer days. While you’re stuck indoors, why not brighten up the day by customizing your child’s umbrella with these fun tips! 

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What you will need:

Nylon umbrella

Permanent waterproof paint

Fabric glue

Decorative fringe or any other waterproof decorations you wish to add 

Paint brush

Assembly Process: 

1. Once you have gathered all the materials, come up with a design concept. 

2. Begin by painting designs on your umbrella with the permanent waterproof paint and paint brushes. 

3. Once the paint has dried, glue on any decorations you have collected.

4. Allow all of the decorations to dry and hit the rainy outdoors.

We hope this craft brightens your day! 


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