Crafts For Kids: Mason Jar Lanterns

It’s always fun to spruce up and brighten your outdoor space. This week’s lantern craft is a fun activity that can light up any backyard or patio with bright colours. Best of all: most of the material you need, you’ll already have in your home! This craft is perfect for any time of the year, and the colour choices are endless!


What you will need:

Mason jars

Craft glue that dries clear

Tissue paper of different thickness, shapes and colours (if you are doing this craft in the fall you can use multi-coloured leaves instead)

Paint brushes

Tea light candles

Assembly process:

1. Paint a large portion of your mason jar with glue.

2. Quickly stick on your pieces of paper before the glue dries. Don’t worry about overlapping the pieces, it only adds to the effect.

3. Paint another layer of glue on top of the pieces of paper to seal them in.

4. Once dry, place the tea light candle in the middle and light (battery powered tea lights are great for curious hands).

Enjoy your new colourful creations!


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