Crafts For Kids: Rocket Jet Pack

A child’s imagination is filled with endless possibilities. Here at Starlight, we love nothing more then when this creativity is encouraged. So, today we present you with a great project that will be the beginning of many backyard adventures.



What you will need:

Two large empty plastic bottles

Silver spray paint

Red/orange/yellow felt (you can also use tissue paper)

A cardboard square that will serve as a mount for the pop bottles


Craft glue

Assembly Process:

1. Begin by spray painting your two empty bottles with silver spray paint. Set aside to dry.

2. At the top outside corners of your cardboard base, poke two vertical holes on each side about an inch apart to thread your string through. This will become the arm holes of the rocket pack, so we advise having your child present to make sure it fits them comfortably.

3. Cut your felt pieces into jagged, flame-like shapes. There are no rules here, whatever shape you come up with will work.

4. Once the previously sprayed plastic bottles are dry, glue your felt pieces into the the top to look like flames.

5. Finally, glue your plastic bottles onto your cardboard base (make sure the “flames” are at the bottom and the arm holes are at the top).


Now, those growing imaginations are ready for takeoff.





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