Starlight Bear™

Read more about Sparkles Bear and Ella’s story.

Now in its tenth year, 2018’s Limited Edition Collectible Starlight Bear features Sparkles. Sparkles is a very unique bear. Beyond his ability to fly, his favourite food is chicken and fries and it is rumoured he gives GREAT hugs. Proceeds from the sale of Sparkles will help Starlight children, like his creator Ella, who was diagnosed with a heart condition before she was born and has undergone nine heart surgeries in the first few years of her life. Sparkles Bear is available for purchase at any Toys“R”Us location across Canada, as well as on the Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us Canada website at Pick up the perfect holiday gift today and help brighten the lives of seriously ill children.

Even before birth, Ella was diagnosed with transposition of the great arteries and developed pulmonary hypertension at only six months old. This adorable little girl has already received a donor artery, had nine heart surgeries, and until this summer, was connected to oxygen 24/7. As a kid, this could make life frustrating and when she just wanted to play with her brother, Cameron, she had to be careful of the tubing. However, she has excitedly been trialing using oxygen only at night now!

All things considered, Ella always has a smile on her face, which is why she said her bear must be smiling! She loves all things gold and glittery and chose an embroidered heart to represent herself as a “heart kid.” Ella says Sparkles can even fly, and his favourite food is chicken and fries. He also gives GREAT hugs!

Starlight Canada and Toys“R”Us Canada have been partners for 20 years. Through the support of amazing team members and customers, Toys“R”Us Canada has raised over $19 million dollars for Starlight.

Proceeds from the sale of Sparkles will help Starlight continue to brighten the lives of kids and families, just like Ella – and won’t let any illness get in the way of having fun!