Our London Loves: The Queen’s Guard Edition

Over the course of the months leading up to our 19th Annual Gala, we will be highlighting different influences that you’re bound to see incorporated into the decor of this year’s event at the Fairmont Royal York. Last week, we took a look at the Buckingham Palace main gates, and for today’s London Love, we’re going to examine the Queen’s Guards.


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The Queen’s guard serve as protection for the royal residences in London. Public perception is that these guards are purely for aesthetic and tourist attraction, but they are in fact, on-duty trained soldiers.

According to the official website of The British Monarchy,

The Guard which mounts at Buckingham Palace is called The Queen’s Guard and is divided into two Detachments: the Buckingham Palace Detachment (which is responsible for guarding Buckingham Palace), and the St. James’s Palace Detachment, (which guards St. James’s Palace). These guard duties are normally provided by a battalion of the Household Division and occasionally by other infantry battalions or other units.

When Guardsmen are on duty, the soldiers are drawn from one of the five regiments of Foot Guards in the British Army: the Scots Guards, the Irish Guards, the Welsh Guards, the Grenadier Guards and the Coldstream Guards.

Below is a video from the British Monarchy that demonstrates the changing of the guard:

Another commonly discussed topic is the guard’s procedures with the public. Changing-guard.com cites the following:

Foot Guards are trained on how to deal with threats and nuisances from the public.

The first way they do this is by coming to attention, as the crash of a studded ammo boot striking concrete, is a good way to grab attention, and this is usually accompanied by a shout of ‘Stand back from the guard‘ or something similar.

Should the nuisance persists the sentry repeats the above and moves his weapon , to the slope with a similar shout.

The final warning is to issue an official challenge to the person. The sentry will slope arms and then move the weapon into a position called ‘port arms’ where the weapon points at the person.

As you’ll notice, mocking a guard can have it’s consequences, as seen in the video below:

Rest assured though, our 19th Annual Gala guards will be more than happy to engage with you throughout our fun-filled evening. Make sure to order your tickets today!



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