In-Hospital Programs

From Comfort Kits, Fun Centers™, Starlight Sites, Treasure Chests, Hospital Happenings and Starlight Tablets, we are there for kids in-hospital to help them cope. Read more about our Comfort Kits and Treasure Chests below.

Starlight Comfort Kits are designed for babies to teenagers and come packed with a range of entertainment and distraction activities. Many seriously ill children cannot share toys because of infection control and that’s why Starlight Comfort Kits are so important in the hospital. The kits give children of all ages something fun to do.

Recognized as highly-effective morale boosters that help ease social interactions with hospital staff, Starlight Comfort Kits help children smile and sometimes that can be the best medicine of all.

Starlight Treasure Chests are filled with a variety of small puzzles, games and toys that will appeal to a variety of age groups. These items are great for children who may find themselves with nothing to do while waiting for an appointment, as a reward for those who have had to face the stress of a needle or test, or simply as a little something special for a child who needs a pick me up.

The toys will be housed in a special chest provided by Starlight, which can be easily wiped down for infection control, and will be replenished at least twice a year.

*Please note, that not all programs are available in every city centre.