Healthcare Professionals

“Bedside activities are essential for children who are isolated or immobilized due to their illness or circumstance.”
-Cathy, Child Life Worker

Starlight programs provide much-needed distraction, entertainment and relief from the stress and boredom of hospitalization.

Our in-hospital themed kits provide a welcome break from treatment and are designed to engage, comfort and distract children of all ages. Starlight Fun CentersTM (mobile entertainment unit) feature a television, DVD player and gaming system, providing hours of fun and distraction.

Research studies prove that the type of programs Starlight offers provide   key benefits to children facing serious illness or life-altering injury including: decreased pain and anxiety; increased knowledge and sense of responsibility for managing disease; decreased need for pain medication; a greater willingness to return for treatment; a greater sense of peer support; alleviation of stress, loneliness, and isolation that accompany illness.

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