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It’s generally not a lot of fun for anyone to be in a hospital, but it’s especially tough on kids. Sometimes because of long or complicated treatments it just can’t be helped. While doctors and nurses focus on treatments, Starlight is there to bring a much needed distraction from the seriousness of an illness. Starlight’s entertainment activities give children something fun to do while they’re stuck in the hospital.From activity kits and interactive gaming stations to toy-filled playrooms, Starlight offers a comprehensive menu of in-hospital programs that bring fun, joy and laughter where it’s needed most.

Starlight Comfort Kits
Starlight Fun Centers
Starlight Tablet Program

Starlight Sites

Starlight Hospital Happenings
Starlight Ward + Robes

Starlight Comfort Kits

Starlight Comfort Kits are designed for babies to teenagers and come packed with a range of entertainment and distraction activities. Many seriously ill children cannot share toys because of infection control and that’s why Starlight Comfort Kits are so important in the hospital. The kits give children of all ages something fun to do.

Recognized as highly-effective morale boosters that help ease social interactions with hospital staff, Starlight Comfort Kits help children smile and sometimes that can be the best medicine of all.

Starlight Treasure Chests

Starlight Treasure Chests are filled with a variety of small puzzles, games and toys that will appeal to a variety of age groups. These items are great for children who may find themselves with nothing to do while waiting for an appointment, as a reward for those who have had to face the stress of a needle or test, or simply as a little something special for a child who needs a pick me up.

The toys will be housed in a special chest provided by Starlight, which can be easily wiped down for infection control, and will be replenished at least twice a year.

Starlight Fun Center®

The Starlight Fun Center® is a mobile entertainment unit featuring a flat screen television and a Nintendo Wii U gaming system preloaded with a wide variety of games, which can be updated annually. This latest generation of Starlight Fun Center® systems are also Internet ready and can be used by Ethernet connection or WiFi, allowing children to stay in touch with friends and family, watch movies and more.

Whether hospitalized children are nervously awaiting surgery, sitting restlessly during a long treatment, or feeling lonely in their hospital room, the Starlight Fun Center® helps them cope by providing endless hours of fun and distraction.

Starlight Tablet Program

Tablets are quickly becoming a popular tool among those working with children in a hospital settings. They can be used in a variety of child life-related tasks, and greatly enhance their work with seriously ill children. Children are increasingly familiar with, and excited by, technology, so their attention is often quickly captured when something is presented on a screen. Child life specialists are using tablets for surgery preparation, distraction during procedures and as a diversion activity.

Starlight Tablets are presented to hospitals with a special protective cover and access to a variety of apps.

Starlight Sites

Starlight Sites are beautifully designed and inviting hospital playrooms that provide pediatric patients with a haven in which they can relax, play and interact with each other. Here children can go online, play with games, toys, crafts and other children. These environments are created to meet the needs of children coping with the stresses of long hospital stays.

Starlight Sites help ease young patient’s stress by stimulating the senses, providing an antidote to the loneliness and an escape from the isolation of a hospital room. While every Starlight Site is unique, each provides a fun break from the child’s hospital room.

Starlight Hospital Happenings

Starlight works with hospitals across Canada to bring an afternoon of fun and entertainment to in-patient children and their families. Starlight will plan everything from the decorations and refreshments, to games and prizes for all to enjoy.

*Please note that not all programs are available in every city centre. Additionally, some Starlight programs are dependent on corporate partnerships for funding, and may require a waiting period while a sponsor is identified.

Starlight Ward + Robes

Starlight’s WARD + ROBES hospital gowns are designed to empower teens that are struggling with a serious illness in hospital. Many teens feel a loss of control when their lives become taken over by treatments, therapies and appointments, but Starlight knows that teens are unique. The simple act of having a choice in their hospital gown can make them feel more relaxed and comfortable, so we partnered with Canadian designers and created a pilot program at CHEO. The result was a group of teens that loved their new hospital gowns and a viral video that inspired people from Vancouver to Japan! We are currently working towards expanding the original pilot program and donating gowns to children’s hospitals across Canada.

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Starlight Programs Matter…

To Our Hospital Partners:

“The children and their families are thrilled and most appreciative, telling us what a positive difference it makes in their child’s recovery.”
-Lois Scott, Child Life Specialist, Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

“The kits really do help ease the wait that is often part of the hospital visit. The children are always surprised when they are told that they can take their gift home with them. Parents become involved with the activities as well and I am sure that this reduces the stress for mom and dad too.”
-Wanda Bowen, Child Life Specialist, The Scarborough Hospital, General Division.

“Words cannot even begin to express how much they have impacted the hospital stay for our little ones.
We as staff are so grateful & the parents are often speechless.”
– Tegan Webber, Child Life Specialist, Regina General Hospital

To Children and Families:

“I would like to say Thank You. Our son was involved in an accident on the weekend and was transferred between 4 hospitals.
In the 2nd hospital we were both given an ‘kit’ provided by Starlight. It contained all the things that he and I needed!
He spent time going through the items (taking his mind away from the circumstances!) and enjoying time with each activity while
I enjoyed the comfort of brushing my teeth!! Thank you for thinking of all the things that are needed at such a traumatic time.”

“My 2 year old son was recently in the hospital for surgery. To our surprise and his pleasure, our nurse delivered a care package from you!
He slept all night with his cuddly new friend and was entertained by his book throughout his stay.
It really helped pass the time and make it more bearable. My husband and I were both touched by your kindness“

We would love to hear from you too – share your Starlight story today!

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