Legacy Gifts

Do you wish to make a big impact to the lives of seriously ill children and their families?  Through planned and asset giving, you can turn selected assets into gifts of donations that will directly support our work and receive, through income tax savings, direct financial benefits. We have selected several types of planned and asset gifts for you to consider:

Bequest in a Will
If you do not have a Will, you should consult your family and lawyer and have one drawn up. Without a Will, your estate can be tied up in court and eaten away by legal fees and taxes. Your Will may be used to leave a specific amount or percentage of your estate to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Life Insurance
You may wish to take out a life Insurance Policy on yourself or a member of your family with Starlight’s Foundation as your beneficiary. You may also have a “paid-up” Life Insurance policy that you would like to donate. Tax Receipts are issued for the cost of premium payments on new policies or for the cash value of “paid-up” policies.

Strip Bonds
Conventional bonds can be purchased and donated to Starlight’s Foundation. Immediate tax savings apply to the cost of the bond. Donated bonds are redeemed for their guaranteed maturity value.

Assets & Property
Art-collections, rare books, antiques and other assets can be donated. They are as good as cash gifts and you enjoy the same tax benefit. Both residential and commercial property can be donated as an outright gift or as a residual interest gift.

Stocks, bonds GICs and other securities can be donated with considerable tax benefits to the donor.

An Annuity Gift is like an investment. You give a sum of money to Starlight Children’s Foundation and receive a percentage of money every year throughout your lifetime. A tax receipt is issued annually for the donated portion of your annuity.

Remainder Trusts
A Remainder Trust can be established to provide the payment of a guaranteed amount of money to Starlight’s Foundation in the future and provide significant tax savings now.

For more information about this program, please contact us at info@starlightcanada.org or 416-642-5675 (1-800-880-1004).


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