COVID-19 Family Relief Packs

COVID-19 is threatening families with seriously ill children in ways beyond struggling to find their smile. They are struggling simply to get by.

A survey sent to 2,000 Starlight families across the country found that 68% of all families who participated have had a loss of income during COVID-19. Many were forced to temporarily leave their essential job, or reduce working hours, out of caution to protect their immunocompromised child.

While these struggles are ones that many across Canada are fighting, families with seriously ill children are already at war with stresses unimaginable. During these desperate times, many families had to reduce imperative special care and therapy for their child to help keep up with the cost of food, rent, and bills necessary for survival.

In response to these direct needs from our most vulnerable community during the pandemic, our COVID-19 Family Relief Packs are designed to provide comfort, joy, and indeed, relief.

This new temporary program, born due to the direct challenges of the pandemic, will offer necessities for the entire family, such as gas cards, grocery cards, school supplies, and more. While isolated kids and teens enjoy crafts, toys, virtual shows, and countless other interactive activities, parents can find relief in knowing that they will have the necessary tools to care for their seriously ill child – from the cost of their next meal to the cost of gas for their next hospital visit.

A full pack including all essentials is $500, but for $100 today here, you can fund an urgent necessity, such as groceries, gas, toys, clothing, or toiletries.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of COVID-19 Family Relief Packs, click here.