12 Kids of Starlight: Meet Tristan


For many of us, the holidays are a time to unwind, spend time with our loved ones and remember the blessings in our lives. For others, it can be a painful time, remembering the things that have been taken from us, the people no longer there, and trying to comprehend living a life we never imagined.

Today, we are blessed to introduce you to Tristan.

At 3 years old, with a baby sister having just arrived, Tristan was diagnosed with DIPG – a highly unstable cancer in the brain stem. After vigorous and life-extending treatment buying his family precious time to make memories and keep their son’s journey going for longer, Tristan passed away in June 2018, just before his 6th birthday.

But that does not mean his spirit has left. With every day that passes, Tristan’s family is reminded of the unmistakable mark he left on the world, and their hearts, and how Starlight became a part of that in his final weeks by granting his Once In A Lifetime Wish.

Tristan’s family is ensuring that the magic and brightness of Starlight does not get dimmer for any families who come to us for support, and in Tristan’s name and legacy, are supporting 12 Kids of Starlight with the goal to raise $2,500.

By giving today, you are giving to Tristan’s kindness, love and determination he showed throughout his young life which was tragically cut short. You are also entering yourself for a chance to win a prize pool of over $20,000, including 2 Economy Class return tickets for travel to any Air Canada scheduled destination in North America including Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. Today, for Tristan’s love of support and the Raptors, something his family believed help them win the championship by cheering on from heaven, we are adding a Raptors merch package!

We are thrilled to announce that Gluckstein Lawyers are matching all donations up to $2,500 – so Tristan’s impact will be doubled with every donation you make. Click here to donate. 

Tristan’s Ambassador:

Cindy Sampson
Cindy Sampson of Private Eyes, a close friend of Tristan’s family, is also helping shine a light on his legacy by being Tristan’s official ambassador for 12 Kids of Starlight.