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In-Hospital Programs

No one wants to be in the hospital, but it’s even harder when you’re a kid who just wants to have fun. Each day, week, and month spent in the hospital means more missed school days, play dates, and care-free childhood experiences. While doctors and nurses focus on treatments, Starlight Canada is here to make sure hospitalized kids have the chance to be just that – a kid.

With a variety of in-hospital programs, Starlight Canada offers distraction, relief, and fun for sick kids who may be nervously awaiting needles or feeling lonely in their room. From activity kits and interactive gaming stations to parties, we bring the sparkle and smiles to the hospital to help support every kid through their stay!

Starlight VR®

Starlight Virtual Reality is taking hospitalized kids virtually anywhere in the world, and beyond. As one of Starlight Canada’s newest initiatives featuring ground-breaking technology, this program uses the magic of …

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Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld

The Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld is a portable version of the Starlight Fun Center, allowing more flexibility to healthcare professionals to distract and entertain hospitalized kids while still providing the …

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Play From Hospital Shipments

During COVID-19, hospital visits are more difficult on kids and teens than ever. With limited visitors allowed, time in-hospital is often spent scared and alone. As many hospitalized children are …

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Starlight Hospital Happenings™

Starlight Canada works with children’s hospitals across Canada to bring the party to the kids – without having to even leave the hospital! From decorations to special games and crafts, …

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Starlight Comfort Kits™

We understand that hospital visits are hard on everyone. Designed for babies to teens to parents, our Starlight Comfort Kits™ offer comfort, distraction and entertainment for the whole family and …

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Starlight Fun Center®

The Starlight Fun Center® is a mobile entertainment unit featuring a flat-screen television and a Nintendo Switch gaming system preloaded with a wide variety of games for …

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Starlight Treasure Chests

Starlight Treasure Chests make sure there is always something to do in the hospital other than facing the stress of treatment or the boredom of waiting for the next appointment. …

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Out-of-Hospital Programs

Just because a seriously ill child leaves the hospital, it doesn’t mean that the battle is over. For sick kids who are on a long path to recovery, for kids who will forever live their condition, and for kids who are fighting against the clock, we’re making wishes come true to give these warriors a break from battle.

Starlight Canada’s out-of-hospital wish programs grant wishes of all sizes to give seriously ill children and their families a reason to smile and special memories to hold on to. Whether they are wishing for a simple night out with a loved one, or dreaming big with an ultimate wish of a lifetime, Starlight Canada creates magic where kids can shine even when sick.

Play From Home Packs

In these times of COVID-19 and our children’s isolation, Play From Home Packs is an emergency program designed to bring happiness home to seriously ill children.

While getting …

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Starlight Day Brightener Wishes™

Starlight Day Brightener Wishes™ do exactly what you think they would – they brighten a sick kid’s day (or evening)! Sometimes all a child wishes for in a given moment …

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Starlight Great Escapes® Wishes

It’s easy for a child to feel left out of the fun when their illness leads to missed school days, play dates, and friendships. Starlight Great Escapes®

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Starlight Once In A Lifetime Wishes™

Starlight Once In A Lifetime Wishes™ are often the brightest stars in an otherwise dark sky for children growing up with a serious illness. This program gives sick kids the …

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