Charities are constantly faced with the challenge of raising enough funds to support the increasing demand on their services. Starlight Canada is no exception. As changes to healthcare are implemented at various levels of government, more and more families are turning to Starlight Canada to help close the gap in their healthcare journey.

As a non-government subsidized organization, often times, difficult decisions must be made as how best to support our communities and programs across Canada.

Acceptance into Starlight Canada’s various programs is based on a set of criteria which also take into account each child’s medical situation and the degree of how serious an impact the illness has on their quality of life. Various aspects of a child’s application is analyzed and weighed in order to determine a child’s eligibility.

As such, while on the surface it may appear that one child’s illness is comparable to another’s, children that are deemed eligible to participate in our programs often have other elements surrounding their application which increases their need of assistance at the time of their acceptance.

Due to privacy laws, Starlight Canada is unable to discuss the details surrounding the eligibility of any applicant.

Starlight Great Escapes and Day Brightener Programs

Who can attend the Starlight Great Escapes Wish events?

We reserve attendance for Starlight children and their immediate family only (which includes parents/guardians and siblings).

How much does it cost to attend a Starlight Canada event?

All of our Starlight Great Escapes Wishes are no charge to attend for our Starlight families. Families who participate in various events may need to pay minimal fees for parking, but Starlight Canada works hard to ensure the whole family can access these events and outings with little/no cost to them.

Does our child qualify for the program?

We encourage families to apply if they have a child from newborn through to age 18, and who have a critical or chronic diagnosis and their activities of daily living are severely affected. Unfortunately, we do not work with children who have ASD, Down syndrome or psychiatric disorders as the primary medical diagnosis.

If my son or daughter who is in the program is ill, can my other children still enjoy the events?

Absolutely! We understand the impact an ill child has on the entire family system and welcome all family members to our events. Please understand that there will be some occasions that are specifically for the Starlight child, but those are few and far between.

As a new family to Starlight Canada, how many events should I expect to be invited to this year?

As a Starlight family, you may be invited to multiple events this year, in addition to our Day Brightener Wishes ticket opportunities. There are also specialty events and programs, so keep your eye out!

Where do you host Starlight Great Escapes Wish events?

We hold events and hand out tickets in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. However, we do grant Once In A Lifetime Wishes for children located anywhere in the country.

Are your program events wheelchair accessible?

We do our very best to ensure that as many events as possible are wheelchair accessible. Our Day Brightener Wishes program will have less wheelchair accessible opportunities as all tickets are donated.

Do you provide funding?

Unfortunately not. We focus on the family as a whole, at a time when they feel most isolated, offering programs and events that can provide an escape from the stress of dealing with a serious illness every day.

How do I apply?

The process is pretty simple, click here to fill out the application. Please note that submission of this application does not indicate acceptance into the program. Once your application has been submitted, a regional coordinator will be in touch with you soon regarding the status of your application.

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I still have questions! How do I get in contact with a programs coordinator?

Please feel free to email any of our coordinators with any questions you may have.

General Inquiriesstarlightfun@starlightcanada.org

British Columbia and Alberta – Heather Burnett – heather.burnett@starlightcanada.org

Ontario – Kaitlin Kiraly – kaitlin.kiraly@starlightcanada.org

Quebec – Caitlin Robinson – caitlin.robinson@starlightcanada.org (Maternity leave. Please contact Linda Stroude – linda.stroude@starlightcanada.org)

Ottawa – Isabelle Amoako – isabelle.amoako@starlightcanada.org

Starlight Once In A Lifetime Wish Program

Is my child eligible to receive a Starlight Once In A Lifetime Wish?

Children with a serious, chronic or life threatening illness between the ages of 4-18 can be referred to Starlight Canada for a Once In A Lifetime Wish. The first step is to become a Starlight Family!

Can my child have a Starlight Once In A Lifetime Wish if they have already had a wish experience with another organization?

Unfortunately, your child is not eligible for a wish if they have had a Once In A Lifetime Wish from Starlight Canada or from another wish granting organization for the same illness.