Become a Starlight Ambassador

Do you consider yourself a community leader? Become a Starlight Ambassador!


Through our 30 years, Starlight Canada has been fortunate enough to work with many community ambassadors who have helped us on our mission.

Now, we would love to invite you. With your help, we’re hoping to reach as many people across Canada to help raise funds and bring awareness to Starlight Canada.


Get social!

Spread the word about Starlight Canada through your social media channels by sharing our posts and making some of your own once a month (we can even write them for you)!

Personal appearances!

Whether it’s a children’s event or a high profile fundraising gala, we would love for you to attend a minimum of 2 of our events a year!

Introduce us to potential sponsors!

Share with us some of your connections! Encourage people in your network to join Starlight Canada’s mission.

Be our spokesperson!

From time to time, we may have a video or event opportunities where we would love for you to speak about how Starlight Canada is your charity of choice.

For more information about becoming a Starlight Ambassador, please contact Trevor Dicaire at or by phone at 416-642-5675 ext. 2241.

Click here for a list of our Starlight Ambassadors!