Families for Families

Are you a Starlight family looking for a way to give back to other Starlight families? Now you can!

Families for Families is a unique fundraising campaign that helps you, help us. Designed for Starlight families who want to help other Starlight families, this program provides you with the tools and resources you might need to start your campaign, and start helping others!

Whatever your motivation may be, whether it’s starting a campaign in honour of a lost child or just wanting to help other Starlight families experience the joy of Starlight Canada, Families for Families is where you can give back.

Register on Families for Families and raise a minimum of $100, and you will automatically be entered into the draw to win a free trip to Disney World in 2024!

Register your family today, or contact us if you have any questions!

Not a Starlight family, but still want to be a part of Families for Families? Don’t worry!

You can donate to a Starlight family’s campaign and read all about their initiatives here!