Starlight Bear®

Madison wants you to meet her Super Bear!

Starlight Canada and long-time partner Toys“R”Us Canada have come together once again to help a seriously ill child create their very own unique bear, from the ears all the way to the paws. This year, the lucky Starlight child selected to design the 11th Limited Edition Collectible Starlight Bear was 5-year-old Madison!

Madison is a tenacious young girl who was diagnosed with both cerebral palsy and nephrotic syndrome when she was just over a year old. Madison’s daily life is constantly interrupted by doctor’s visits and therapy sessions, and at just 5-years-old, this little girl has already undergone two surgeries to help reduce spasticity, prevent muscle deformities, and increase the range of her muscles.

Super Bear was inspired by Madison’s resilient spirit. This girl is always on the go, whether she’s swimming, horseback riding, dancing or skiing! His purple cape and super name are reflective of the fact that Madison is her family’s very own super hero, tacking any obstacle with a great big smile.

Madison also insisted that Super Bear hold a big purple star, so that he can grant wishes – just like Starlight Canada!

Proceeds from the sale of Super Bear will help Starlight Canada continue to brighten the lives of kids and families, just like Madison’s.

Get your very own Super Bear at any Toys“R”Us Canada | Babies“R”Us Canada store, and give him a big hug from Madison!

Take it a step further, and use the Starlight Bear for your own easy fundraiser! Contact for your bulk order or more information today!

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