Hospital Wish List

Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld

Hospital Wish Granted! Thank you!

The Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld is a portable version of the Starlight Fun Center, allowing more flexibility to healthcare professionals to distract and entertain hospitalized kids while still providing the same high-quality experience.

An exciting latest addition to our distractive in-hospital programs for mental health, these innovative, portable devices make gaming easy for paediatric patients. Whether a child is recovering in post-op, anxiously awaiting treatment, or is bored in their hospital bed, the Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld comes pre-loaded with 25 games for all ages.

Designed for more than just fun, the Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld is created for mental well-being. Portable and accessible in all areas of the hospital, these devices easily give a bit of normalcy and much-needed distraction to paediatric patients to help cope with their fears and ease interactions with hospital staff.