Play From Home Program

In these desperate times of COVID-19 and our children’s isolation, Play From Home is an emergency program designed to bring happiness home to seriously ill children.

For many of us this reality is temporary, but for some families, time isn’t on their side. There are children who may not make it to the next Starlight Canada event. During this time of social distancing, seriously ill children can’t go outside to play and be distracted like healthy children can. They have pre-existing conditions and are exponentially at risk as they are strongly immunocompromised.

While these new realities and anxieties weigh on Starlight families, our Play From Home Program reminds them that they are certainly not alone, and far from forgotten.

Created for children and teens of all ages, these programs include shipping packs with board games, crafts and other interactive activities, national virtual shows to help families connect and cope together, and so much more.

Play From Home Packs

Happiness delivered right to their doorstep, Play From Home Packs contain board games, crafts, and tons of other interactive activities. Many of these involve a national group activity, where children across the country will tune into a virtual Facebook Live stream event with tons of special guests, including our very own Captain Starlight to join in on the fun!

For $100 today here, YOU can send a kit to a Starlight family stuck at home this month and bring smiles, laughter and joy directly into their living room.

Play From Home Shows

Families need an opportunity to escape isolation virtually and be part of something outside of the walls of their home. Streamed on Facebook Live twice a week, our Play From Home Shows bring interactive, fun entertainment into the homes of Starlight families! Complete with special guests and prize giveaways, these virtual shows give seriously ill children something to look forward to while stuck at home.

Play From Home Shows allow children and families to stay connected as they tune in together, and creates a community of support online while apart.

Play From Home Booklets

Designed to keep the imagination flowing while stuck at home, Play From Home Booklets help a seriously ill child take their mind off their anxieties. With tons of different activities suitable for all ages — from colouring to mazes — each page brings a brand-new adventure to provide relief, distraction and fun!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Play From Home Program, click here.