Starlight Comfort Kits

We understand that hospital visits are hard on everyone. Designed for babies to teens to parents, our Starlight Comfort Kits offer comfort, distraction and entertainment for the whole family and bring a little bit of softness to a stressful situation.

Since many seriously ill kids cannot share toys in-hospital due to infection control, Starlight Comfort Kits are especially important to keep spirits high and ease social interactions with hospital staff. Sometimes a smile can be the best medicine of all!

Created and designed to fit the needs of children and family members of all ages, Starlight offers 5 types of Comfort Kits: Baby Kits, Toddler Kits, Teen Kits, Craft Kits, and Admit Kits.

Baby Kits

From showing early signs of health complications to emergency surgeries, many babies are stuck in the hospital or NICU for days to months on end. A terrifying and vulnerable time for the whole family, our Baby Kits provide a light during these dark days. Filled with all sorts of toys, Baby Kits make the hospital stay a little easier by helping the hospital’s tiniest patients smile, and by helping families cope.

Toddler Kits

At an age where all a young child wants to do is play and explore the big world around them, being held back by illness and hospitalization is an absolutely heartbreaking experience for many kids and families. Our Toddler Kits are here to help bring back some of that childhood joy and spirit which illness has taken from them. With a large variety of toys and distractions suited for toddlers, these kits break up the hospital routine, and make sure there is always time to be a kid.

Teen Kits

It’s easy to feel isolated and scared as a teenager stuck in the hospital. While friends are out having fun, many teens struggle knowing that they are missing out; having to deal with a health battle that others might not understand. Our Teen Kits are designed to give teenagers some emotional relief while in-hospital, and let them know that they’re not alone!

Craft Kits

Whether it’s worrying about upcoming surgeries or missing play dates, being in the hospital makes it nearly impossible for a child or teen to think about anything else other than their illness. Craft Kits offer some relief by taking a patient’s mind off these stressful circumstances, and lets them focus instead on their creativity and imagination. From jewelry making to clay creations, these crafts offer a much-needed distraction and a chance to have fun!

Admit Kits

Often times a child is rushed to the hospital in an emergency with a sudden diagnosis, a relapse, or any other critical situation. In these exceptionally stressful and urgent times, the last thing a parent does is stop and pack a bag. Designed for these unexpected trips, Admit Kits provide the key essentials to get both child and family through that first difficult night. Appreciated deeply by families, we know that a little bit of comfort goes a long way.

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