Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld

“This gaming device helps patients cope with being in hospital, not only physically, but mentally as well. It brings a sense of normalcy, distraction and fun to the hospital environment. The pre-loaded games make facilitation so easy on staff and patients! Staff, families, and patients absolutely love our Nintendo Switch.” – Amie, NICU Manager at Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre

The Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld is a portable version of the Starlight Fun Center, allowing more flexibility to healthcare professionals to distract and entertain hospitalized kids while still providing the same high-quality experience.

An exciting latest addition to our distractive in-hospital programs for mental health, these innovative, portable devices make gaming easy for paediatric patients. Whether a child is recovering in post-op, anxiously awaiting treatment, or is bored in their hospital bed, the Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld comes pre-loaded with 25 games for all ages.

Designed for more than just fun, the Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld is created for mental well-being. Portable and accessible in all areas of the hospital, these devices easily give a bit of normalcy and much-needed distraction to paediatric patients to help cope with their fears and ease interactions with hospital staff.

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Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld Repairs

We are pleased to offer technical support for your Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld, in conjunction with Nintendo of America.

For any repair or support questions, please call the Starlight Nintendo Support Centre at 1-877-716-8550. For any non-technical queries regarding your Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld, please contact

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