Starlight VR®

Starlight Virtual Reality is taking hospitalized kids virtually anywhere in the world, and beyond. As one of Starlight Canada’s newest initiatives featuring ground-breaking technology, this program uses the magic of virtual reality to completely transform the hospital experience by giving sick children a fun and exciting way to escape their room and explore all corners of the universe. Assisting both hospital staff and paediatric patients, the Starlight VR® helps mental health and reduces anxiety in-hospital by distracting kids during difficult medical procedures, and provides emotional support through play, relaxation, normalization, and entertainment.

This state-of-the-art technology features a thoroughly wipeable and wireless hospital-ready headset, pre-loaded with a wide variety of games, apps, and more fit for hospitalized kids and teens of all ages and interests. From the bottom of the sea to the edge of the world, there are no limits to where the Starlight VR may take them.

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