Lily is still fighting strong.


Lily was born with biliary atresia, a narrowing of bile ducts in the liver, which left untreated, leads to liver failure. At just eight months old, she had a liver transplant – one of the only effective treatments for this illness.

Like all post-transplant care, Lily still needs regular follow up and will remain on anti-rejection medication her whole life, including an immunosuppressant. This means that she’s both more susceptible to illness, and her body finds it harder to fight off infections.

Being a part of Starlight’s programs give her a chance to feel like a regular kid though. Participating in a 3-minute Toys”R”Us Canada Dash in 2018, Lily filled her carts with toys to get her through the days and weeks where she is too unwell to leave the safety of her house.

With Starlight there for her every step of the way, Lily has enjoyed Fun Centers in hospital, Day Brightener Wishes to local sports games, and most recently a winter party to watch Frozen 2!

Children like Lily deserve to feel special throughout their lives. Only with your support can we offer programming year-round. Give the gift today of a Starlight experience for someone who has endured more than most could imagine, and still manages to smile through it all.