Meet 3-Year-Old Bailey And Her Superhero Siblings!


Bailey doesn’t live the life of an average child her age. At only 3 years old, Bailey has a rare, life-limiting genetic disorder that results in seizures and hypotonia. She can’t enjoy the same activities as other kids around her, and because of her decreased muscle tone, there are always safety risks as she falls often.

While her diagnoses leave her non-verbal with almost daily seizures, both her family and Starlight Canada stand tall by her side to help get her through it.

A lover of outdoor and water activities, a trip around the Toronto Harbourfront on a beautiful boat was the perfect excursion, thanks to the Island Yacht Club! Complete with their friend, Captain Starlight, fun outdoor games, yummy treats, and other families who understand their struggles, the day by the water offered a much-needed sigh of relief for the whole family.

Captain Starlight & Bailey’s Siblings!

In appreciation of their experiences with Starlight Canada, the eldest siblings are now donating 10% of profits from their hand-drawn greeting cards and portraits!

The fun-filled family business all started when Bailey’s older sister wanted to run a lemonade stand, but because of the pandemic, they were unsure about selling edible goods. After brainstorming other options, their love of arts and crafts brought them to creating cards!

Through a daily stand outside of their house and an Instagram account, their homemade greeting cards and portraits recently raised over $1300!

“Because of their success, they decided they wanted to give back,” mom, Marion, shared. “Starlight has been such a blessing to our family – we love that they take care of all of us, so we can take care of little Bailey. They’ve provided so many moments of joy, even in this year where our family has been in lockdown. We want them to be able to continue to bring this joy to other families who have kids with serious illness.”

When asked what one word best describes Starlight Canada, the whole family agreed on “Valued.” Donate $10 today to join their mission in giving back and to help more seriously ill children across the country recognize their value.

Want to create your own fundraiser too? It’s easy! Start here now! If you’re a Starlight family interested in giving back to other Starlight families, visit Families for Families today!