Meet Starlight Superfan, 12-year-old Jérémy!


It is because of children like Jérémy, that we do what we do.

When Jérémy was just 3 weeks old, he was hospitalized with convulsions that shortly lead to his diagnosis of left frontal polymicrogyria — a brain malformation that causes him severe epilepsy, pervasive developmental disorder, deafness, dysphagia and more. Now a 12-year-old boy, his life has been filled with operations, weekly specialists, and daily medications to help manage his condition. He cannot walk, speak, eat, or do anything on his own.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Jérémy struggled with an overnight change in the routine he was so accustomed to. Why was there no bus in the morning to take him to his specialized school? It was complicated for his family to get him to understand why his routine was changing.

However, thanks to our Play From Home Program and donations from people like you, Jérémy’s family now had a way to make his new routine stuck at home more enjoyable.

To help families cope with these new realities, Starlight Canada holds shows on Facebook Live, sponsored by Toys“R”Us Canada, to give children a virtual escape and something to look forward to! Streamed live twice a week, children across the country like Jérémy tune in together to see their friends, Captain Starlight and L’il John!

Jérémy watching a Play From Home Show!

“I saw a side of Jérémy that I did not know,” Jérémy’s mother, Cynthia, shared. “There is not a show missed, he listens attentively, he laughs, he makes sounds even more than before. But above all, when telling him that today is the Captain Starlight and L’il John show, his gaze lights up and he laughs!”

Knowing just how much Captain Starlight and L’il John mean to her son, Cynthia knew just what to do for Jérémy’s 12th birthday spent in quarantine. A custom-made Starlight cake and a personalized video from his two favourite friends was the perfect celebration!

Jérémy’s birthday celebration with his custom-made Starlight cake!

Jérémy’s new at-home routine has also been made more fun with our Play From Home Packs! Happiness delivered right to their doorstep, Play From Home Packs contain toys, crafts, and tons of other activities to give kids like Jérémy something new and exciting to do while stuck at home.

2 of Jérémy’s Play From Home Packs!

“You make a difference in children’s lives with your activities, and even more with the kits and shows, especially for Jérémy,” Cynthia shared.

It is your donations that make this impact in the lives of seriously ill children and families. Donate at to bring happiness home to kids like Jérémy today!