12 Kids of Starlight: Meet Cole


We are over the halfway mark of our campaign now, and our kids need you more than ever. The money raised so far has only been able to bring toys to 30 out of 100 hospitals. As the holidays approach and the hospital wards do what they can to be festive, many hospitals across the country are worried how they will provide a a magical day for the smallest of their patients.

Today, we are honoured to introduce you to Cole.

Cole has an unknown form of muscular dystrophy, severe scoliosis and long list of other illnesses. Even the simple tasks of daily living are outside of his abilities. He has a full time nurse with him at school, and has never been able to enjoy things most children do – such as sleepovers.

Cole does not let this get in his way though. Finding an adapted way to do everything he can – Cole doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. That’s why he’s campaigning to raise $2,500 to help children in hospitals this holiday season through 12 Kids of Starlighthe doesn’t want anyone to hear ‘no’ or be left out of the festivities.

Will you help Cole reach his goal? For every donation you make, Alutron Modules will be matching up to $2,500! Give today here, for Cole, his friends in hospital, and the collective determination of children born with illnesses, to ensure that they are never left behind.

Cole is a huge fan of Drive 4 Smiles, so we felt it fitting to add a Kids Car Package to the prize pool today, as well as a beautiful 10KT yellow gold necklace with a gemstone pendant valued at $1,600!