12 Kids of Starlight: Meet Mia


Giving Tuesday has passed, but that does not mean our children, or their stories, have vanished. However much you can relate to feeling ill or being away from family during the holidays, it is harder to understand the uncertainty and loneliness that comes with many of these conditions. That’s why we need you to keep on giving. 

Today, we are honoured to introduce you to Mia.

Mia lives with cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition which fills the lungs and other organs with thick, sticky mucus, as well as scoliosis, for which she’s needed spinal surgery. Children with cystic fibrosis often have to spend two weeks at a time in hospital to receive IV antibiotics to keep them clear of infections, so Mia is no stranger of the hospital. Her days are swamped by medications and physiotherapy, but that does not deter her.

Mia’s advocacy and philanthropic spirit is on full display this holiday season as she’s on a mission to raise $2,500 to bring toys to children in hospital who are too sick to go home. Will you answer her calls?

Visit 12kids.starlightcanada.org today to make a donation and add your name to the prize pool – now having jumped to over $11,500 with the addition of Vanessa Harwood Photography prints and a SodaStream!

With Mia’s amazing $2,500 matching sponsor, CANADALEND.COM, when you give to this campaign, you can double your impact!

Mia’s Ambassador:

Terri Krajden
Terri Krajden of Mom In Sneakers is helping Mia raise awareness and donations with her brand and blog – thanks for your help, Terri! Join her and Mia by donating today.