12 Kids of Starlight: Meet Ella


It’s the middle of December and already things are winding down – people can feel the break around the corner and are anticipating the days spent with family, eating food and unwrapping gifts. But there are also families across the country receiving bad news, being told they will need to spend the holidays in hospital. You can help brighten their days by donating to 12 Kids of Starlight, and ensuring the 100 hospitals across the country who have told us they need toys, receive them in time.

Today, we introduce you to Ella.

Ella was born with a serious defect called transposition of the great arteries. At just 6 years old, she’s already had 9 heart surgeries. Each require a long recovery period, and she still needs extra oxygen at night.

With these many medical interventions, Ella is no stranger of the hospital. She has to miss spending time with her friends and going on field trips, and instead go to hospital appointments; which are full of long days and needles.

That’s why Ella is keen to give back this year! With a goal of raising $2,500 to bring toys in hospitals this holiday season, she knows how much better she feels when she has something to celebrate.

We’d like to thank Serve Construction Ltd. for being a matching sponsor of Ella today – when you give, your impact will be doubled up to Ella’s goal of $2,500!

By donating you will also be entering our prize pool! Today, a pair of Beats Wireless headphones and a $45 gift card to Ortensia are being added!

Ella’s Ambassador:

Brandi Yee
Also supporting Ella is Brandi Yee on her blog, Yee Wittle Things! As a long-time supporter of Starlight, we are so excited to have her supporting Ella on this venture!