Making Moments Matter For Meric


Not knowing what tomorrow holds for your child is a terrifying thought for any parent. Sadly, this is the reality that consumes each day for 10-year-old Meric’s family.

Once a healthy and care-free boy, Meric’s life began to change after his first seizure at only 3 years old. His health rapidly declined, and 2 years later, Meric was diagnosed with Batten disease, a genetic disorder that affects the entire nervous system. Now 10, Meric has lost his mobility, vision, speech, and ability to eat, and depends on his family for around the clock care.

“When we first received Meric’s diagnosis, I did everything I could to fight for his life, despite knowing there was no cure,” shared Meric’s mom, Lisa. “As the months passed and I watched my precious boy slowly slip away, I shifted my focus to fighting for his childhood. Making memories and creating the best possible life he could have despite the horrible fate we are to face. Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has been INTEGRAL in helping me do this.”

In a heartfelt tribute to Meric and recognizing the importance of Starlight Canada in his life, his community has come together to show their support – in more ways than one.

Knowing that Meric sits on the sidelines at their games as a fan, the Milton Winterhawks hockey team organized a fundraiser for Starlight Canada, while dedicating a game to Meric in the process!

“He was our honorary teammate for the day,” shared Helen, whose son plays for the Milton Winterhawks. “We were very excited to do this for not only Meric, but for Starlight too. You have done so much for him and others.”

Thanks to the Milton Winterhawks, along with the generosity of Meric’s friends and family who contributed to his birthday fundraiser, over $1,000 was donated to Starlight Canada with Meric in their hearts.

As devoted members of the community and longtime friends of Starlight Canada, CNA Canada was also determined to give Meric’s family an experience to cherish. Aware of his love for basketball, they generously gifted Toronto Raptors tickets for Meric to watch his favourite sport in person!

“Starlight Canada has helped me give Meric back his childhood and has given me memories that will help carry me through the dark days ahead,” said Lisa. “Whether we were at the Justin Bieber concert, the Raptors game, or cruising the waters in a pontoon, I always took a moment to take in the look on his face and the joy in all our eyes. These memories will live on in me and my family and friends forever, and for that we will forever be grateful to your organization.”

When kids like Meric aren’t promised tomorrow, we urgently need your help to make the most of today. Become a monthly donor to make a lasting impact on the lives of families with seriously ill children and make every month meaningful.

“We were dealt a hard hand, an excruciating fate, but through the help of your organization we have found a way to navigate it with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts,” shared Lisa.