Ride For Smiles

“We really needed to experience this joy together as a family. Anything STARLIGHT related brings my daughter so much joy. Her smiles are always bigger than ever and so genuine. She is her happiest at Starlight events!” – Christine, Starlight mom

Ride For Smiles (R4S) is Starlight Children’s Foundation® Canada’s exhilarating fundraiser designed to give kids of all illnesses and abilities an epic adventure in the great outdoors. This unique off-roading event connects trail riders with Starlight families through accessible ATV and side-by-side rides, creating inclusive moments of hope and possibility for those who need them most.

For children facing chronic or critical illnesses, this event offers a break from treatments and hospital visits, providing them with moments of joy and a sense of normalcy that can be transformative for their mental well-being. R4S delivers much-needed excitement and thrill to these families, reminding them that adventure can still be had despite the medical obstacles.

Surrounded by other Starlight families who understand each other, R4S also fosters a sense of community among all involved, including trail riders, volunteers, and sponsors, showing families that they are supported and not alone in their journey!