9-Year-Old Ryker Gives Back To Starlight Kids Just Like Him!


“We’ve had so many fun experiences through Starlight Canada that we wouldn’t have had otherwise and we’re so grateful for that,” shared Starlight mom, Magda. “We want other kids and families to also create memories together and have a break from all the tough moments that medical kids face.”

9-year-old Ryker lives with renal failure and has undergone a kidney transplant. Having endured countless hospital stays due to surgeries, treatments, and check-ups over the years, Ryker’s medical journey has sadly taken away from many irreplaceable childhood moments.

Luckily, Ryker and his family know that they can turn to Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada during their hardest days. From creating memories as a family at action-packed Great Escapes Wish events to receiving comfort at their doorstep through Mega Play From Home Packs, these special moments provide much-needed joy and relief.

Knowing that there are thousands of other families across Canada facing similar challenges, Ryker and his parents, Magda and Matt, were determined to give back by creating their very own fundraiser in support of Starlight Canada!

“We tried to come up with a way to keep people entertained,” said Magda. “When they’re entertained, they’re more likely to pay attention and support.” Together, they came up with a fun and creative fundraiser where each level of their fundraising goal unlocks a unique challenge for their family to complete. These challenges, documented on their family’s social media accounts, ranged from Ryker getting a full sleeve of temporary tattoos to Magda eating increasingly spicy food to Matt getting a reverse mohawk haircut!

As they completed challenges for a cause close to their heart, it also allowed Ryker and his parents to reconnect, share plenty of laughter, and simply have fun as a family. Thanks to their inspiring efforts and the support of their community, Ryker’s family has raised $1,685 so far for Starlight Canada! This wonderful contribution will go towards creating even more experiences for Starlight families just like theirs, including some of Ryker’s favourite activities like sporting events, aquarium adventures, and virtual scavenger hunts!

Across the country, thousands of families like Ryker’s rely on Starlight Canada for moments of comfort when they need it most – from hospital to home. Make a donation today at give.starlightcanada.org or host your own fundraiser to help brighten the lives of seriously ill children in your community and beyond.

Are you a Starlight family looking to support other Starlight families fighting a similar battle? Visit Families for Families to get started.