Turning Ticket Donations Into Starlight Smiles!


For many children facing illness, having to constantly worry about their health or being stuck in the hospital for days on end takes away from the freedom of being a kid. Luckily, Starlight Canada is here to help bring back some of that lost childhood. Through Starlight Canada’s Day Brightener Wishes program, sick kids and their loved ones can forget about their worries for a moment and simply have fun!

Right now, there are thousands of children across Canada in need of a smile, and we need your help. Starlight Canada is accepting donations in the form of tickets for sporting events, concerts, local adventures, and more!

Your generous contribution will give Starlight kids the chance to take part in new experiences beyond their homes and hospital beds. From attending a live concert to exploring their local art gallery to cheering on their favourite team, families with seriously ill children can find comfort through your ticket donation, while making new memories and spending much-needed quality time together.

“[Sophie] loved the aquarium, as we all did,” shared Rebecca. Her daughter, Starlight teen Sophie, lives with cerebral palsy, is non-verbal, and requires a wheelchair to get around. “There was so much for her to look at and it wasn’t too overwhelming. It was a nice, quiet place for her to visit!”

Do you have tickets to upcoming events that will go unused? You can help bring joy to other families like Sophie’s by donating them to Starlight Canada! Email starlightfun@starlightcanada.org today with your tickets and get a tax receipt in return!

Unable to donate tickets but still want to make a difference? Donate now at give.starlightcanada.org and help spread the Starlight magic with us!