12 Kids of Starlight: Meet Alisha


The holidays are a particularly hard time for sick children as they face uncertainty at what is normally a joyful time of year. Sadly, in addition to facing the fiercest battle of their young lives, many of these children will also have to spend this holiday season in the hospital. Starlight is planning a series of holiday parties, hospital events and toy deliveries this holiday season to help these children now. In addition to this, over 100 hospitals we serve across the country have come to us asking for toys to ensure all children in their care can experience the same happiness over the holidays in-hospital as they would at home. With their requests coming in at the end of our fiscal year, we just don’t have the funds to meet this need today, and need your help. You can join us in our mission by making a donation to Starlight now and providing us with the ability to help these children this holiday period. This is why we’re teaming up with 12 Starlight children, who will share their stories and are each helping us raise $2,500 for children like themselves.

Today, we are honoured to introduce you to Alisha. 

When Alisha was born, she went without oxygen and a heartbeat for a full 26 minutes. This caused damage to multiple organs, causing Alisha to spend the first seven and a half months of her life in hospital. After starting kidney dialysis at five days old, she received a kidney transplant at three and a half years, and in total has so far had 33 anesthesia’s. She is still g-tube fed at nights, has end-stage renal disease and developmental delays. As a result of her numerous medical complications, Alisha has spent 4 birthdays and 4 Christmases in hospital.

This is not fair on any child, but especially those who, like Alisha, deserve to smile this holiday season when they’ve had so many other chances taken away from them already.

That is why Alisha, along with 11 other kids, are teaming up to raise $2,500 each so that Starlight can meet the needs of hospitals across the country this year, who require more toys to give out to their in-patients to brighten their days while all their friends are having fun.

That’s not all though! For each person who donates, you will be entered into a prize pool totaling over $20,000, with Economy Class return Air Canada tickets to any scheduled North American destination, including Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean.

With Samfiru Tumarkin LLP supporting Alisha and matching donations up to $2,500, we think this is one holiday wish that’s easy to tick off the list.

Help Alisha help more children who are in-hospital for the holidays.

Alisha’s Ambassadors:

Rick & Angie Campanelli
Parents of healthy children, Rick Campanelli, television personality, and wife Angie Campanelli, Lifestyle Brand Manager, are proud to use their platforms to advocate with Alisha, and those who have been less fortunate this holiday season. Join them by donating today.