12 Kids of Starlight: Meet Avery


With less than a month to go until the holidays, we are hoping you can help us achieve our goal of fulfilling the needs of over 100 hospitals who have come to us requesting toys to meet the need of their patients over the holiday season. The thought that we may not be able to do this during the holiday season breaks our hearts.

Today, we are honoured to introduce you to Avery.

We can never predict what’s around the corner, good or bad. Avery is a Starlight child who knows this all too well. Having been born at just 28 weeks gestation, she has spent her whole life in and out of hospital. With multiple neurosurgeries to help ease complications from a major brain bleed she suffered at a few days old, Avery developed spastic hemiplegia – a form of cerebral palsy.

Having spent months at a time in hospital, Avery knows all too well what it’s like to be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be at the most exciting times of the year. With Starlight, we are able to offer her good moments in between the bad, like when she got to see her favourite artist, Shawn Mendes, live!

Now, Avery’s generosity knows no limits. She is teaming up with Starlight for our 12 Kids of Starlight campaign to raise $2,500 and ensure every child who is in hospital this holiday season still receives sacks full of toys, to help make their days that much better.

A private day of golf for four valued at $1,200 and a Fruits & Passion Relaxation Package valued at $250 are waiting for you in the prize pool today! Donate here for the chance to make them yours!

Today, City Core Mechanical will be matching all donations up to $500, so when you give, your impact is doubled and helps Avery on the way to her to her goal!