12 Kids of Starlight: Meet Delainey


December is around the corner and most of us have the holidays in our minds by now. This is no exception for the children who know they will not be home in time to celebrate, and instead be stuck in hospital. Our 12 Kids of Starlight campaign is underway to ensure that these kids will not be left out of the magic.

Delainey was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality – full trisomy 13 / Patau syndrome. Children born with this condition are typically labelled as “incompatible with life” and 90% do not live past their first birthday.

Delainey’s issues didn’t stop there. She also has multiple heart deformities and enlarged cystic kidneys. Recently, Delainey has been diagnosed with lymphatic vascular malformations and a benign tumour on her brain.

With the odds stacked against her, Delainey proved from the beginning she was not going anywhere. Having been told she would never walk, Delainey can use a walker to get around, sits and stands unassisted. Being a fierce advocate, Delainey was delighted to see Mattel launch their “Barbie Fashionista + Wheelchair” doll, and finally have herself reflected in society.

Hoping other children can experience the same inclusion she felt with the Barbie, Delainey is campaigning to raise $2,500 towards our In-Hospital for the Holidays program, ensuring no child is left behind. Living in Manitoba, Starlight knows that smaller hospital programs here can often be overlooked, and it’s even more crucial that we offer support during this time of the year, to remind children that they can be anything.

In honour of Delainey’s story, we are excited to announce a Disney Barbie package worth $500 has been added to our prize pool! Give today at 12kids.starlightcanada.org.

Delainey’s Ambassador:

Simone Denny
Juno award winner Simone Denny is excited to support Delainey’s 12 Kids of Starlight mission. Being Delainey’s aunt, Simone witnesses Delainey’s miracles each day. Join her by donating today.