Honouring Moms All Month Long With Toys“R”Us Canada!


The strength we see in Starlight moms every day is simply admirable. They go to every doctor’s appointment in fear for their child’s health yet stay tough through it all. They carry the weight on their shoulders to help relieve anxiety and worries, but never ask for anything in return. Starlight moms are superheroes in everyday clothing, constantly putting their children before themselves and loving without limits.

To show our support and gratitude towards the incredible moms within our community, Toys“R”Us Canada and Starlight Canada wanted to do something special for them to celebrate Mother’s Day!

On Mother’s Day weekend, 68 Starlight kids stopped by their local stores for an exciting Mother’s Day activity! Mother’s Day colouring pages were made available at Toys“R”Us Canada locations for customers and children to explore their creativity and share all the reasons why they love their mom!

“I love my mom because she is so nice.”
– Madison, age 8, cerebral palsy

“I love mom because she is beautiful.”
– Maddox, age 7, immune deficiency & lung condition

Moms understand the power of play, and Toys“R”Us Canada is a driving force when it comes to bringing fun to children across the country. In honour of Mother’s Day, Toys“R”Us Canada has also been raising funds for Starlight Canada all month long to help spread the love!

Between April 30 – June 4, every $1 donation made in-store to Starlight Canada will help bring smiles to seriously ill children and their families facing unimaginable challenges.

Similar to the way moms help guide us through life when things get difficult, Toys“R”Us Canada has been a beacon of light for Starlight children and families for the past 24 years. As community leaders, their passion and dedication to helping those in need of joy and support has never wavered. Toys“R”Us Canada finds fun and excitement in the everyday, spreading smiles along the way!

Visiting your local Toys“R”Us Canada store between now and June 4th to pick up a new toy or two? Don’t forget to make a donation at checkout so you too can help brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families!