Starlight Child, Léa-Jade, Is Looking Towards The Bright Side!


A positive young girl, life for 8-year-old Léa-Jade has been a difficult journey ever since she was born.

When Léa-Jade was a baby, the doctors were sure that her sickness was just reflux and nothing to be too concerned about. However, as she got older, she sadly became even more sick. Her diagnoses started piling up, causing even more day-to-day challenges.

Today, Léa-Jade lives with pain in her abdomen, neck, back, legs, and hands. She wears braces on her ankles, knees, and wrists to reduce injuries and to help stabilize her joints. In order to eat, she even needs a feeding tube.

Growing up within the four walls of doctors’ offices and undergoing treatments all her life, Léa-Jade has missed out on plenty of regular childhood experiences like going to school, having playdates with friends, and relaxing with her family.

Despite all the challenges that she has faced, Léa-Jade always looks towards the bright side with a positive attitude, and Starlight Canada is there to help her along the way.

“Being sick is really hard on the kid that is sick, but it’s also hard on the whole family! Compromises have to be made and families spend time apart, but with Starlight, everyone gets to have fun and enjoy spending time together,” said Léa-Jade during her speech at our recent “Tea & Tiaras” Montreal event.

From finding relief in our Comfort Kits in-hospital to attending fun-filled Great Escapes Wishes events like Trick Or Suite, Starlight Canada helps Léa-Jade find her smile again, create memories with her family, and even meet new friends!

“I get to meet other kids that are like me, and I don’t feel so different,” Léa-Jade shared.

Now, Léa-Jade’s everyday life is also looking up! Feeling better than ever, she is now in grade 3 and has been going to school full time for the first time in her life since this past February! “I might not be able to eat all the foods I would like, but I can be at school all day with my friends and that feels amazing!” Léa-Jade said.

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