Our latest addition to support the mental health of hospitalized children!


Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada proudly introduces our latest gaming addition for mental health in hospitalized children: the Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld!

These brand-new innovative, portable devices make gaming easy for paediatric patients. Whether a child or teen is recovering in post-op, anxiously awaiting treatment, or is bored in their hospital bed, the Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld comes pre-loaded with 25 games for all ages to provide endless hours of entertainment.

The Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld is a portable version of the Starlight Fun Center, allowing more flexibility for healthcare professionals to distract and entertain hospitalized kids while still providing the same high-quality experience.

Designed for more than just fun, the Starlight Nintendo Switch Handheld is created for mental well-being. Portable and accessible in all areas of the hospital, these devices easily give a bit of normalcy and much-needed distraction to paediatric patients to help cope with their fears and ease interactions with hospital staff.

“What a wonderful addition this would make to any pediatric area,” Susanne Zelowsky, Pediatrics Nursing Unit Manager of Victoria Hospital, shared. “It would be a great distraction with procedures in our treatment rooms.”

“Not only will [Starlight Nintendo Switch Handhelds] benefit our inpatients, they will also benefit our children who are waiting for surgery, an appointment, or as a distraction tool during different medical procedures,” said Heather Bishop, Recreation Development Specialist at Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

Thanks to our friends at the Ardene Foundation, 54 sponsored units will be soon arriving in peadatric wards across the country to help spread the Starlight Canada magic!

Right now, Canadian hospitals need you. We have over 200 requests for Starlight Nintendo Switch Handhelds to support hospitalized children in your communities. Help put our latest gaming addition in hospitals across Canada today.

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