Spreading The Holiday Spirit With Toys“R”Us Canada!


“Making plans can be hard, but not with Toys“R”Us Canada,” said Starlight dad, Taurean. His son, 9-year-old Qadim, lives with Angelman syndrome and epilepsy, is non-verbal, and relies on an adaptive stroller to get around.

For 25 years, families with seriously ill children like Qadim have turned to Toys“R”Us Canada and Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada for joy during their hardest days. From hosting nation-wide fundraising campaigns to sponsoring year-round Great Escapes Wishes and Day Brightener Wishes, Toys“R”Us Canada continues to be a driving force in brightening the lives of kids of all ages and abilities – from coast to coast.

During our 25th year of friendship, Toys“R”Us Canada recently welcomed the back to school season by raising funds for Starlight Canada. Through the combined efforts of their wonderful staff and customers, an incredible $240,000 was raised to support Starlight Canada’s vital hospital to home programs!

Now in celebration for the holidays, Toys“R”Us Canada’s generosity continues to create magic for sick kids and their families – and you can join in on the fun, too!

Grant Tour

Over 80 Toys“R”Us Canada stores across the country recently presented their local hospital with a generous $2,000 grant, which will go towards supporting the immediate needs of their pediatric unit. From distractive toys to wheelchair accessible activities and more, these donations will provide hospitalized kids in their community with moments of comfort during some of their most difficult days.

The 15th Limited Edition Collectible Starlight Bear

Now in its 15th year, Starlight Canada and Toys“R”Us Canada have come together once again to help a seriously ill child create their very own unique collectible bear. Designed by 6-year-old Chirstopher who lives with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), Speedy was inspired by his love for race cars and Drive For Smiles – one of his favourite Starlight Canada events! The bear’s rainbow tie represents acceptance of all, while its dangly limbs symbolize Christopher’s own arms and leg being stuck in extension at birth. Speedy’s bright blue eyes are representative of AMC awareness.

Available now in-store and online, proceeds from the sale of Speedy will continue to help brighten the lives of families with sick children, just like Christopher’s.

The 25th Annual Star Campaign

Check everything off your holiday list at Toys“R”Us Canada, including giving back to kids in your community. While purchasing your very own Speedy Bear and other things you love, gift a smile to a seriously ill child for as little as $1 from now until the end of the year, both in-store and online.

Herb’s Secret Santa With Toys“R”Us Canada

Eight years ago, Montreal-based Ross Paperman was inspired to give back to children in his local community through anonymous “Secret Santa” events. In honour of his late father, Herb, seriously ill and underprivileged kids would have the chance to roam the aisles and pick whatever their hearts desired. Now, we continue to spread the magic from coast to coast with Toys“R”Us Canada!

Building on this spirit of giving, Herb’s Secret Santa will be held in 11 Toys“R”Us Canada stores across the country to welcome around 500 Starlight families for a holiday celebration like no other. Complete with gift cards for shopping, meet and greets with Santa Clause and friends, and Mega Play From Home Packs filled with goodies, this VIP shopping experience will bring holiday cheer and much-needed comfort to sick kids and their families.

A heartfelt thank you to the amazing Toys“R”Us Canada staff and customers for your unwavering support, this holiday season and beyond! The abundance of joy, laughter, and excitement you bring year after year continues to fill the hearts of seriously ill children and their families across the country.

Whether you’re purchasing your Speedy Bear or shopping for your own holiday gifts and want to donate at checkout, visit your local Toys“R”Us Canada or Babies“R”Us Canada store or toysrus.ca to give the gift of hope to sick kids this holiday season!