Starlight Canada Launches the Hokey Pokey Challenge!


We challenge YOU to the #StarlightHokeyPokey! Dance with us and seriously ill children across Canada. Let’s spread joy during a time we need it the most.

In these desperate times of COVID-19 and our children’s isolation, we have responded quickly to reinvent our programs and launch Play From Home Packs — an emergency program designed to bring happiness home to seriously ill children. Delivered right to their doorstep, these packages contain board games, crafts, and tons of other interactive activities.

In support of this, we have launched a Hokey Pokey Social Media Challenge to raise awareness and help bring joy to seriously ill children in their homes!


The #StarlightHokeyPokey is spreading joy to both you and seriously ill children confined to home. As a social media dance challenge, participants will donate towards a Play From Home Pack for a child in need, and post their own #StarlightHokeyPokey video on social media to challenge others to join them!


Starlight Canada’s mission has always been to spread joy and provide relief to seriously ill children. Now we want you to feel a piece of it.

It is a hard time on all of us right now, but especially for kids with compromised immune systems who are completely isolated at home. This challenge is in honour of them, and all our donors who help them smile during these difficult times. As you donate, we hope you are proud of the laughter you are giving a sick child in need. As you dance, we hope you are smiling yourself. Let’s spread joy together!


1) DONATE at to bring happiness home for high-risk, isolated children. The amount you choose to give is up to you!
2) DANCE in your very own video and post it on social media to share the impact you have made in a sick child’s life. Do as much or as little of the Hokey Pokey as you would like! It could be with your company, friends, family, or by yourself! Don’t forget to include the hashtag #StarlightHokeyPokey and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!
3) DARE 3 or more friends by tagging them in your post on social media to nominate them to spread the smiles!

Remember, it’s not supposed to be perfect, it’s supposed to be fun! Do a dance, make a difference.

Check out the staff of Starlight Canada’s #StarlightHokeyPokey!

Now, we nominate YOU!

Do the #StarlightHokeyPokey with your friends, your company, your family, or by yourself, and donate at!