Ardene Foundation supporting the fight against COVID-19


Make sure you’re smiling with your feel-good story of the day! As we all face our own unique obstacles, Ardene is reminding us that you don’t need to be an essential worker to help the fight against COVID-19. Their footwear is helping the battle on the front lines, while connecting healthcare workers to Starlight children isolated at home.

Ardene Foundation supporting the fight against COVID-19

Ardene may be facing challenges of their own right now due to store closures, but their strong values held in helping others proves that they always put the community first. In these difficult times, their team is working harder now more than ever to give back to those who need it most.

It is because of this unwavering desire to help, that the Ardene Foundation launched an initiative to donate footwear and socks to healthcare workers across Canada. As these individuals on the front lines are working tirelessly to save our lives while risking their own, they are constantly changing their footwear to minimize the spread of the virus. Ardene took it upon themselves to step up to the plate.

Since March 24, over 100,000 pairs of comfortable shoes and socks have been donated to support the fight against COVID-19. Ardene Foundation’s amazing volunteers, and dedicated employees who put in extra volunteer hours, prove that times may be hard, but people are always stronger. Together, they have reached over 300 hospitals across Canada.

It doesn’t stop there. Their generosity on the front lines extends into the homes of isolated, immunocompromised children. As a proud partner of ours for over 6 years, we are continuously blown away by their generosity. Now is no different. In these times of boredom and confinement for vulnerable Starlight children, Ardene is including them in their efforts to give back. The Ardene Foundation is donating almost 500 pairs of unique running shoes to seriously ill children stuck at home.

What’s so unique about them? These shoes aren’t only for the children, but for healthcare workers across the country. Each Starlight family will get two pairs of shoes — one child size and one adult size. High-risk children and teens at home will decorate and personalize these two pairs of shoes with provided fabric markers, wherever their imagination may take them! They will keep one pair for themselves, while the matching pair is sent to a healthcare worker, along with a note from the family letting them know a seriously ill child is thinking of them. 

It’s always said that we should put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. The Ardene Foundation is putting that into action. As front line workers wear their shoes, they will be reminded of those battling illness that they are protecting. As Starlight children wear theirs, they will remember those who are working tirelessly to protect them.

We may all be walking completely different paths, but we’re all in this together.

Now is the time we need each other the most. The Ardene Foundation has stepped up to help those around us, will you? Learn more about how you can join them and bring happiness home for immunocompromised children at

Be the reason behind smiles like these! Donate today to join Linda and Phyllis, and see your name on a Play From Home Pack.

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