Play From Hospital Shipments Are Making Their Way Across Canada!


While most of us have returned to business as usual, many seriously ill children in hospitals are still living in isolation and fear. Luckily, Starlight Canada’s Play From Hospital Shipments are here to help brighten their days and provide some relief.

Sponsored by the Ardene Foundation, 67 Play From Hospital Shipments were recently delivered to hospitals across Canada to bring comfort directly to sick kids in their hospital rooms!

“The toys have been a huge help to distract and encourage play while in the hospital,” shared Julie, CCLS, from Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital. “We were able to share the toys among many different areas of the hospital that children may come to such as Paediatrics, Emergency, Paediatric Ambulatory Clinics, Plastics and Fracture Clinics and the Paediatric Diabetes Clinic.”

The fun-filled deliveries included new toys, exciting books, and hand sanitizers to help keep each other safe, made possible by Addo and Chouette Publishing. Play From Hospital Shipments make lonely days in hospital a bit brighter and helps sick kids to forget their scary hospital stay – even for a moment.

“These items help our medical team in distracting patients while procedures are taking place, assist in comforting and calming children once a procedure is complete, or simply help to pass the time during their stay,” shared Kari Wilson, Executive Director of the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation. “They help us to improve the patient experience and contribute to a family friendly environment at what is often a stressful time.”

“Our Play From Hospital Shipments bring special joy to children in-hospital who need a little extra pick-me-up,” said Brian Bringolf, CEO of Starlight Canada. “Thanks to our friends at the Ardene Foundation, I’m honoured to know that we can offer a helping hand to both seriously ill children and hospital staff.”

A very special thank you to the Ardene Foundation for their kindness and generosity in spreading the smiles and the joy to hospital rooms across the country!

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