Meet Mighty 7-Year-Old Zoe!


Spending a lot of time in hospital is the sad reality for many sick kids like resilient 7-year-old Zoe, who lives with a rare blood disorder that affects her bone marrow. Her scary diagnosis requires frequent hospital visits, where Zoe has been poked over 3,500 times and has received over 267 blood transfusions. She is often left with low energy, and sadly misses out on childhood experiences like going to school and hanging out with friends.

Unfortunately, Zoe was recently airlifted to 2 different hospitals due to a blood infection which left her feeling extra tired and weak. While in hospital, Zoe was given a Comfort Kit, sponsored by Toys”R”Us Canada, packed with toiletries and fun activities to keep her comfortable during her stressful stay. A Starlight Fun Center also kept Zoe entertained and allowed her to play a wide variety of games, watch movies, and even connect with friends and family online!

Starlight Canada wanted to do something extra for Zoe to help brighten her day and ease her worries, so she received a special video call from her friends, Captain Starlight, Starry, and Starrette! They presented her with a handpicked care package filled with all her favourite toys and even kept her company over the phone. During their call, Zoe shared with Captain Starlight that she doesn’t like to get poked by the blue needles because they pop her veins. After hearing about her fears, Captain Starlight sent Zoe a medal as a reminder of her incredible strength to give her a big boost of courage!

“Thank you for making Zoe smile today,” Zoe’s mom shared after nearly 2 weeks spent in-hospital. “She hasn’t smiled in a week and a half. She’s been so lethargic, and Captain Starlight was the only thing that got her to wake up and be happy!”

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